Cocoa Cartel Black Edition V-Neck Shirt

Cocoa Cartel Black Edition V-Neck Shirt

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The Cocoa Cartel Black Edition V-Neck Shirt is a stylish women's V-neck tee - made from 100% cotton with a semi-fitted contoured silhouette. It is inspired by the famous interlocking CC logo from Coco Chanel. It's the perfect shirt to wear to show your support for the recently introduced Living Income Differential (LID) aka 'Cocoa Cartel' by the Governments of Cote D'Ivoire and Ghana. The two countries produce about 65% of the world's cocoa. This initiative will put more money into the farmers hands for sure. Currently, farmers receive less than 10% of the value of a chocolate bar and cocoa is the main ingredient! Anyway, back to the T-shirt, it has a soft and light feel with just the right amount of stretch.
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* highest-quality
* 100% Cotton